Original and exceptional terroirs

Un terroir unique

Covering over 3,000 hectares, the Laudun-Chusclan vineyards are among the largest on the right bank of the Rhone, and boast an exceptional array of terroirs.

Bordered by the course of several rivers, the vines thrive on the mountain terraces on the right bank of the Rhone and enjoy a moderate Mediterranean climate. This geographical feature gives rise to wines with surprising freshness.

Conscientious, diligent professionals, the Laudun-Chusclan wine producers know just how to coax out all the subtleties of their exceptionally rich terroirs.

To preserve their heritage, they have been voluntarily engaged in a quality and sustainable development process since 1998: respecting  rigorous specifications in the vineyards (reconstruction of low walls, maintenance of the flora and ecosystem-friendly cultivation methods, etc), and supporting young winemakers wishing to set up their own business by providing vineyards or pooling certain land to help them carry out their project.

Bound by a common vision of their profession, the wine producers are also closely involved in quality improvement: bringing out the best of the great Cotes du Rhone grape varieties, monitoring each vineyard plot, and individualized vinification resulting in distinctive wines bearing the particular stamp of the winemakers who produced them.

Un sol riche et offrant une grande diversité

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