Excellence Rouge Laudun Chusclan Vignerons

Laudun Chusclan Vignerons' wines

The fruit of the experience of 250 families of wine producers, backed by teams of diligent, expert professionals, our Cotes du Rhone wine ranges are characterized by their rich diversity and remarkably consistent quality.

The characteristic freshness of our wines is due to the distribution of a large part of the vineyards over hills which rise to 200m. This freshness, which has made our white wines so popular, also endows the reds and rosés with an elegant, lively acidity.

Whether delicious, spicy and underpinned by an elegant mineral character, or more complex with good aging potential – with each wine, we always endeavour to offer a unique, enjoyable drinking experience.

The “Villages Laudun” and “Villages Chusclan” wines reflect the finesse and precision of the work of our winemakers aimed at bringing out the deep harmony of each terroir.

Laudun red wines are characterized by the elegance and predominance of perfectly ripe fruit. Chusclan reds, on the other hand, are lovely generous wines with remarkable intensity.

The very fresh Laudun and Chusclan rosé wines, made from Grenache and Syrah, are distinguished by their generous, delicious, light fruity aromas.

The white wines stand out and are appreciated for their characteristic finesse, freshness and floral lightness.

Recognised for their quality and uniqueness by the INAO (French national institute of origin and quality) in 1989, Laudun white wines are a real asset to the region.  It was only natural therefore that a request was submitted in 2013 for Laudun white wines, as well as reds, to be recognised as 'cru' wines.

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