"Here, history inspires men,

who continue to write it with passion and humility, in order to transmit a rich heritage to future generations."

laudunCamp de Cesar

The origin of our vineyards dates back to the dawn of the first millennium, on the plateau of the camp of Caesar, where the Roman legions stood guard over the Rhone. Covering an area of 18 hectares and  located at the confluence of the Ceze and Tave Valleys, stood the ancient town of Laudun. 

Le Clos Taman, which lies at the foot of the oppidum and on the hillsides where the first vines grew*, bears witness to the traditional culture of the vine in this area and the history that binds the wine producers to their wine region ."

Standing on the heights, atop a chain of hills next to the Rhône river, Château de Gicon has provided a strategic viewpoint over the Rhone Valley from time immemorial. In turn castle fortress then lord's manor, it was owned by the Benedictine Priors of Saint-Saturnin and the Lords of Gicon who developed the culture of the vine.  They entrusted us with the secret of making wine which expresses the high quality of our terroirs.

It is for this reason that the Vignerons de Laudun Chusclan are totally committed to the restoration and preservation of the Château, symbol of the culture of the vine and winemaking expertise that grows with each and very passing year. Located on the right bank of the Rhone river, in the department of the Gard, Laudun-Chusclan Vignerons is the result of a voluntary association of the Vignerons de Laudun (founded in 1925) and the Vignerons de Chusclan (founded in 1939), intended to create real synergy, resulting in new, ambitious shared projects.

laudunchateau de Gicon

*Amphorae decorated with vines found on the site

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